REPAIRS on the road

Well it’s been a long time coming, but REPAIRS are loading up the mobile musical workshop van with all their tools, and hitting the road. Yip, we’re starting our New Zealand tour in November and we couldn’t be more excited!

After doing a handful of shows around the North Island, we thought it would be a good idea to hit the road for another adventure and head much further south. It’s always exciting to play with new bands, experience new music and make some new friends along the way, so we are all pumped! And, I’m finally seeing Nuggiez in which Marty also plays bass! Another band which I am looking forward to seeing live are First Move, who I’ve heard many times on bFM and love their sound.

We couldn’t believe our luck this past week when IDLES announced their tour down under, we can’t waaaaiiit for January! You can only guess what’s first on the playlist on the drive around Aotearoa…

Our schedule is somewhat all over the place, booking venues and getting bands together is never easy, and Marty and Nic have done a fantastic job organising the tour. So we will be doing some back tracking here and there, but whatever, it’s going to be a blast! We have a show this Friday (2nd November) in Auckland at the Vault on Cross Street before we kick things off on the 10th of November with a live recorded session on “In The Fridge”, which is run by The Volume Collective in the Hamilton University, you should check out the series on YouTube. From there we head back to Hamilton, then the South Island, and back up to the North Island again.

Here is the full run down:

15 Nov – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton w/ Landlords and Cartoon Villain

16 Nov – Dee’s Cafe, Dunedin w/ Evil Kid and Diana

17 Nov – darkroom, Christchurch w/ Evil Kid and Best Bets

23 Nov – Voodoo Lounge, Mount Maunganui w/  Nuggiez and Hemordroid

24 Nov – Caroline, Wellington w/ First Move and I Love the Sea

30 Nov – Wine Cellar, Auckland w/ Cat! Cat! Cat! and Swallow the Rat

1 Dec – Square Edge, Palmerston North w/ First Move, Distance and TOOMS

Just on a side note… as most of you are probably aware, Marty and Nic are Married and it’s epic that they are in a band together, but I want to take a moment to give credit and thanks to my partner and soon-to-be-wife Sophia for her patience and understanding, obviously being in a band you have to make a few sacrifices and she’s been unbelievably patient as we prepare to tour (and she plans the wedding!). Thank you Fe, I really do appreciate everything you do!

Hope to see you at one or many of the shows!

Peace and Love,

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