When REPAIRS met Gibby Haines ðŸ’–

Destination: mighty Otumoetai.

Our lovely friend Dave (of Flogging a Dead One Horse Town fame) has this amazing converted, sound-proofed garage (aka his “jam room”), so the long Labour Day weekend seemed like a mighty fine opportunity to try our hand at recording as much of an album as possible – as well as catch up with a good mate.

Little did we know that we would be making our new best friend.

It seems since the last time we saw him, Dave has acquired a new pet. And not just any pet. A delightful kitten by the name of Gibby Haines [sic].

The minute we arrived, Gibby seemed pretty keen to get to know us…


It soon became clear that she was *particularly* sweet on James…


Being a curious wee thing (and keen to hang out), she was most intrigued by the overdubbing process…

44490403_1645744868862733_6599797624939741184_n copy

… which, of course, is *extremely* tiring work.

44618638_1573419962757720_2115106135823351808_n copy

LOVING YOUR WORK GIBBY. We’ll be dedicating at least one album track to your fabulous self.


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