Bass-ically… a blog about puns and girl crushes

You know it’s time to write a blog when the drummer beats you to it…

So. Why the bass?  Truth be told, it all started with the Pixies. It was ALL about being Kim Deal. Or *trying* to be Kim Deal. Yep, that familiar story that so many females probably have – but let’s face it. She’s fricking amaaaaaaaaaazing.

Did I mention I love Kim Deal??


(insert amazing GIF of Kim Deal here)

If I’m also being honest, I had always loved the idea of being in a band. I’d played classical piano as a youngster, which had always felt a little isolating; I may actually be stronger than I look, but even so – there was no way I could ever entertain the idea of picking up a piano and hoofing it round to a friend’s place for a sing-song.

Bass seemed like it was something that I could pick up – literally and figuratively.

My lightbulb moment was when I saw Sleater-Kinney play at the Powerstation in 2016. It was empowering. Inspiring. Motivating. And fricking amazing. My internal monologue all night was a continuous loop of “OMG I can DO THIS. I CAN BE IN A BAND!!!”

I had joked with Marty about starting a tribute band called “I Can’t Deal” ( I was *this* close to getting him to agree). But instead he used his husbandly ways to convince me to jam with him and James… and the rest is history.

So now I play bass. I love me a good solid, heavy bassline. Nothing too flashy.

And Kim Deal.

NIC xo

(PS You can find radio evidence of me gently mumbling my love for KD on bFM here)


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