James Reviews a Band

Hello people of the internet!

My name is James and I am the drummer in the lovely and awesome trio that is REPAIRS. As there is currently nada on this page really, we thought it was appropriate that the drummer “kicks” things off (badum tissssh).

As a band we are great friends and have very close taste in music… with slight variations here and there, be it all things indie and weird (although I did DJ techno and deep house for a few years – please don’t tell Marty!) But one band we absolutely adore together is IDLES!

IDLES are a real post punk band from Bristol, who are inspirational and have a contagious attitude. Their stage antics are something to behold, with a drummer who is flawless and has a relentless energy, a bass player who is always insanely happy and angry at the same time, two guitarists who routinely do their own circus act on stage, and singer Joe who has a mad intensity about him and an incredible stage presence. You would think from this description of the band that I have been to many an IDLES gig, but am I am yet to be graced with a live performance; this is all excitement just from watching YouTube videos.

“Joy as an Act of Resistance” is the second album; with “Brutalism” being their debut and a handful of EPs put out from 2011 when it all first began.

6 out of 5 stars! 

You little beauties!


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