Nic on: The Breeders — IKIGAI PRO

Question: if someone challenges you to write something that links The Breeders’ new album, Shetland, and the Sultans of Ping FC, then surely there’s no other answer than:


And that challenge my friends has now been (a) met and (b) published via the glory that is the internet and IKIGAI PRO; a brand spanking new ‘stream of consciousness pop culture‘ which went go-live today.

Check it out via the link below.

Thank you so much IKIGAI PRO for asking me to contribute to your shiny new website-ness!

And one day I promise* to write something that doesn’t mention my love for Kim Deal.

(*not really)

NIC xo

via Nic on: The Breeders — IKIGAI PRO

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