James writes a blog: Repairing 2020

Let’s not focus on the obvious negatives of the year so far. REPAIRS have actually had some fun and exciting times in the year of doom and gloom!

First off we managed to squeeze in a few shows between lockdowns and I guess it made it just that little bit extra special. If anything, lockdown has made me appreciate playing and hanging with my bandmates and seeing friends at shows even more than I already did.

On the 5th of June we played Wine Cellar, and with a maximum crowd of 30 at level 2 we were one person short of selling out! (Nic: I heard someone arrived late and bought a ticket, so technically we DID sell out!) Everyone had to be seated and the venue looked like an underground jazz club. I was quite concerned about how some noisy post punk bands (TOOMS and us) would go down, but the atmosphere was amazing, with a few people head banging at their selected tables. That in itself was a sight to behold. Big ups to Rohan and the Cellar family.

28th of June saw us play the infamous Totora Street, Mount Maunganui for the Post Apocalyptic Ball with too many great bands to mention. This is a venue I had never set foot in before and with an early start I was not expecting much of a crowd. Upon walking in the door around 6.15, I just couldn’t believe the venue was already about 60% full, this was promising to be a great night, and indeed it was!!! The crew at the Mount are always so supportive of all different sorts of bands, and that’s what it’s all about right? Much love TS, we can’t wait to come back. Thanks to Austin Cunningham for all your hard work.

The 5th of July we got to play the mighty Whammy Bar again! Always a favourite, with friends from Memory Foam, M0PPY and Swallow the Rat. Things were starting to feel relatively normal and chaotic (in a very good way) at this stage and of course it was a super fun gig seeing friendly and familiar faces. Cheers Whammy crew!

Let’s talk albums and videos! September 18th saw the release of our debut album “Repeat Repeat” recorded and mixed by our very own Martin in our tiny practice space. Marty has done an outstanding job and I’m so proud of what he has accomplished. Nicola did all the design for the album and has been relentless in her efforts promoting and organising the release. These two have worked so hard and the results speak for themselves. We play different instruments on a few songs, which was so much fun. There are still a few copies on vinyl (vinyl! ❤️) left available from Flying Out and Bandcamp, and you can check it out on Spotify as well:

REPAIRS - Repeat, Repeat – Flying Out
Check out this little beauty!

In July we shot a video for “Pop Song” with a few friends, again all done in our practice space with the very talented Kat from WAZKAT Productions. So much glitter, ballon popping, dancing and fun was had! Can’t wait to do another video with her again. We really love the video so much, can’t wait to do another one! Thank you so much Kat.

Stay safe out there everyone. . .
Love J and Team REPAIRS xo

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