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Hi, we’re REPAIRS. It’s nice to meet you.

This is where you will find all the information you’ll (hopefully) need for the release of our debut album Repeat, Repeat on Friday 18 September. We hope you love it, and listen to it LOUD. ❤️

Listen here on Spotify.

About the album:

Auckland post-punk trio REPAIRS release their debut album “Repeat, Repeat”: the result of two years, two continents and a lot of hard graft.

Self-recorded by the band, the majority of the album was mixed by guitarist Martin Phillips between Scotland and Auckland earlier this year. Rohan Evans (Wine Cellar, Arcade Recordings) mastered the album during the first lockdown.

Martin has always had an interest in the recording and mixing process, and an overseas trip followed by a pandemic induced lockdown back in Auckland proved the perfect opportunity to devote time to this. “It’s been a fantastic experience to have complete control over the creative process, a steep learning curve for sure but doing this ourselves has allowed us to push ourselves creatively in ways that we’ve never previously been able to” he says, “I think the final outcome is something incredibly fulfilling.” 

“James (Milne, drummer) is actually a multi-talented musician, and plays guitar, bass and synth as well as drums. So while Nic and I were in Scotland and the band wasn’t practising, we took full advantage and got him to add his own guitar or synth parts and send it over to be mixed,” Martin laughs.  

“We even managed to persuade him to do vocals on a track!”

With fourteen tracks clocking in at just over 30 minutes, the album’s themes could be described as an accurate summing up of the year that is 2020: anxiety, isolation, disillusionment, searching for meaning and hope. But it’s also very much an album deeply rooted in friendship.

“The heart artwork is a strong representation of us as a unit; there’s a lot of love in REPAIRS,” explains bass player Nicola Edwards.

James agrees. “We describe ourselves as friends first, band second. I feel very lucky to have found Nic and Marty, and share our love both in friendship and in music.”

While some of the album’s sound will be familiar to those who have seen the trio live, there are also a few sonic surprises. And despite the current social distancing rules, they’re hopeful that they’ll still be able to play some shows before the end of the year.

“To say I’m excited about our album being released would be a massive understatement,” says James.

“We’re all just incredibly proud of the album, and of each other,” adds Nicola. 

Including recent singles “Last Chances”, “Cut to the Chase” and “Pop Song”, “Repeat, Repeat” is available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp, and as a strictly limited vinyl release. Copies of the record can be purchased from Flying Out or through Bandcamp.

About us:

The music that we make is great for fans of: Mourn, Drahla, IDLES

REPAIRS play high-tempo, loud, emotional music together for fun. We are a band, but first and foremost we are friends. We are also three people, but only two of us are married to each other.

We all used to perform variations of pitch, tone and rhythm with other people under different names – some too embarrassing to mention, and some that aren’t – but in the interest of fairness, we won’t mention any of them here. We are situated in a city called Auckland, which is itself situated in a country called New Zealand. This informs the music we make, but nationalism is still stupid. One of the band is Scottish, of which she is very proud in spite of the previous sentence. Our contradictions define us.

We love playing live shows and are lucky to have played lots of gigs with many good friends. Recordings are less numerous with a handful of singles to date, but 2020 will see a marked increase in the lead up to our debut album. 

REPAIRS are: Nicola (bass), James (drums) and Martin (guitar)

Contact us: repairsthebandnz [at]

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Repairs the band

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About our community:

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