Press Info – Cut to the Chase Single

Hi, we’re REPAIRS. It’s nice to meet you.

This is where you will find all the information you’ll (hopefully) need for the release of our new single Cut to the Chase on Thursday 18 June. We hope you enjoy the track!

Listen here:

Download the song, artwork and press photos here.

Preview the official video here.

About the track:

Originally written as a set closer, “Cut to the Chase” is an unleashing of pent up frustrations with a wall of noise. Bursting out of the gates with angular stabs, bruising drums and call and response shouts, it eventually collapses in on itself for an extended noisy finale.

About us:

The music that we make is great for fans of: Mourn, Drahla, IDLES

REPAIRS play high-tempo, loud, emotional music together for fun. We are a band, but first and foremost we are friends. We are also three people, but only two of us are married to each other.

We all used to perform variations of pitch, tone and rhythm with other people under different names – some too embarrassing to mention, and some that aren’t – but in the interest of fairness, we won’t mention any of them here. We are situated in a city called Auckland, which is itself situated in a country called New Zealand. This informs the music we make, but nationalism is still stupid. One of the band is Scottish, of which she is very proud in spite of the previous sentence. Our contradictions define us.

We love playing live shows and are lucky to have played lots of gigs with many good friends. Recordings are less numerous with a handful of singles to date, but 2020 will see a marked increase in the lead up to our debut album. 

REPAIRS are: Nicola (bass), James (drums) and Martin (guitar)

Contact us: repairsthebandnz [at]

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Repairs the band

You can view our upcoming and past shows here:

About our community:

Remember when we said that nationalism is stupid? It certainly is – but local communities are not. Since you’re here why don’t you check out some more amazing music from Auckland. These are just a handful of the fantastic bands and artists that make up the local scene, these are all great people that we love who make incredible tunes!

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